Scotts UPS Power Protection

Scotts UPS Power Protection provides Uninterruptible Power Supply and Generator installation and mainatenance throughout Scotland. Our engineers are certified and experienced in all areas involving backup power.

Our power protection expertise allows you to find the service that your critical power systems requires, whether it is a brand new generator installation or yearly preventative maintenance.

Scotts UPS Power Protection’s engineers can help with the following backup power systems:

  • Air conditioning
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
  • UPS batteries
  • Electrical switchgear
  • Generator systems and diesel fuel storage
  • Fire detection and protection systems
  • Room integrity tests
  • Load Bank Testing

Regular maintenance and servicing ensures that all your critical protection equipment is performing to its full potential.  Additionally, it needs to be  safe and perform as it should in the event of a mains power failure. Scotts UPS Power Protection offers prenventative maintenance contracts to cover all types of backup power systems.

We can provide UPS and generator health checks on either a scheduled or ad hoc basis. For larger units, an engineer will attend your site or for units of 3kVA or less, they can be sent directly to our workshop.

We can arrange the visit to suit you. If you have more than one unit at the same site, we can make our visit more cost effective for you by checking multiple units whilst we are present. Being manufacturer-independent, we can check units from a wide range of manufacturers, even including obsolete models.

A Load Bank test will provide timely identification of any problems with your generator and the remedial actions necessary. Do you rely on your Generator as part of a Critical Power System?

If you do, then a periodic load bank test is essential to ensure that it will run smoothly and efficiently when you need it. Why? Because just starting up your generator every now and again is not enough.

Imagine just starting up a car and not driving it. Would you be confident it would perform for 500 miles? No? So why assume a Generator will from a simple autostart test? Full resistive Load Bank testing will push the unit to its limits so you can be sure it will work efficiently when you need it.

If we can help you with your power protection contact us now.