Generators provide a longer power protection solution. Whilst Uninterruptible Power Supplies will only support your load for a couple of hours (normally minutes at most), generators are designed as a long term solution to power supply issues.

Many people miscalculate when trying to size the diesel generator power they require. This can be a daunting process and, without expert knowledge, can create an expensive problem. Factors such as surge current, synchronisation, harmonics, operating temperature and future capacity need to be considered.


Scotts UPS Power Protection can provide all the guidance required to match the right generator to your business needs. They will take into account current usage, any future expansion plans and can provide guidance and help on-site location, planning applications and installation from the provision of a mounting plinth through to cabling, installation and commissioning.

Diesel is the most common fuel used in generators due to its low flammability and stability over time. Natural gas generators are also commonly available and although the engine is slightly de-rated to accommodate the lower calorific value of gas vs. diesel these are as equally effective as standby power solutions where it is the right match for a particular installation. In cases where it’s not possible to situate an oil tank nearby, nor use natural gas, then bottled gas is an alternative.

Generators need maintenance to ensure they continue to run efficiently and when required, you can find out more information about generator maintenance here.

If you have any questions about our generator services, please contact us.